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About me

About ME

My music is sacred… it is the essence and expression of my vibration…
therefore…i love to paint songs.

Glen Brandon is founder of The Mess:Age …

and as as we enter into the “end times” [ The Age Of Mess ]

we reach an opportunity to awaken and enlighten

our D.N.A s previous original “androgynous god like” vibratory state

[ immortality ] therefore, by unleashing our greatest gift of spiritual life-force, and by harmoniously releasing our souls in freedom from the chains of dogma, we must enhance our visions through the power of music, wisdom, experience…

and with the power of the human heart, we must be fearless

to unlock the codes and doorways of time, upon our journey…

They denied us the stars
make peace, trust, stay faithful… ” The truth will set you free”


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